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Bon Repos
img6 Years ago, God spoke vision to me purchase land for a youth camp and training center. There would also be a vocational school to prepare our Haitian youth to go into the work force of Haiti, which will include a school of plumbing, electrical, welding, carpentry, vehicle mechanics, and for the office work, computer training, and secretarial training. These are some of the trades that we will offer our youth. We will be able to bring our youth from all over the island of Haiti for youth camps.

The vision included expanding our ministry to some of the other islands of the Caribbean Islands. At this time, we have 6 other countries in which IMO has congregations meeting and worshipping Jesus.

There will be buildings to produce radio and television programs that will be transmitted to the provinces of Haiti. We will be able to broadcast from our churches, and televise live programming. We were granted our licenses for that in December of 2011.

We also will build a modern clinic with and emergency room capability to handle emergencies. There will be Dentists, General Doctor Practitioners, along with Optometrists.

Also on this property we will be constructing a 5000 seat auditorium church so that we will be able to accommodate our people who will be coming in for conventions, crusades, and then regular services.

We had the vision but we had no property or money to purchase property. God just said to do it. I had many questions as to how it would happen. WE looked for land in the south of Haiti for over 2 years and could not find what we needed. God always provides for the vision he gives you. He will make a way where there isn’t even a place to make a way. Really though, if he can make this great universe that we live in, this little project is nothing for him to provide for.

We had a man drilling for us in the northwest of Haiti for water at our Jean Rabel Church. I had purchased some extra steel casing for him to finish the well. When he completed the project, he brought some of the casing that he had left over back to our compound at Delmas, Haiti.


He unloaded the pipe and then came up to my office at the bible school about 6:30 PM and we begin to talk about what each of was doing at the time. I told him about the vision God had given me about 4 years ago. I told him about our search for land. He told me that he knew where some land was at Bon Repos. I knew the area well so I asked where it was. He begins to grin as he was talking. He had been working for George & Christine Braidwood with the Haitian Christian School for the Deaf. Little did I know George and Christine were planning on doing something with the school so it would be used for the Lord’s work. The next day Steve Revis, the man with whom I was talking, went out and went all over the property. It was something that would work for us. It had 12 ½ acres of land with 13 buildings of which 5 were dormitories. They needed some work done on them but it would be a great start for us. We would have to put a wall up for security but we could do that. A lot of the buildings need work on them, but we can do that. I was excited when I looked at it. It had been shut down at that time about 5 years.

I told Steve that I felt he should give George a call and let him know that we were interested in it. He did and the next evening George contacted me on Instant Message on the Internet. We talked about it for awhile and George said he would have to contact Pastors and people who had help purchase that land and then those that helped build the buildings. At first, I felt like this may not work as he had some reservations about it. So I told him to go ahead and do what he needed to do and that we would just keep looking for land for our project.

We talked a while longer and before we signed off, George said to me, John, you do not need to look for anymore property. I ask him what he meant. He said that He and Christine had been praying that evening about 6:00 PM and God told them to GIVE US THE LAND AND BUILDINGS. Praise the Lord. God is faithful. It is just what we needed to carry out the vision. We are working on it now.

The volunteer building and the kitchen will be our first projects there as we need to have a place for all the work teams that are volunteering there time and talents to come and help us build up this property and get to work doing what God said for us to do.

Since the time we were given the land, there was the earthquake in January 12, 2010 that killed over 300,000 people and left over one and one half million people homeless. There are over 200,000 people who have move out of Port au Prince to the hills out behind that property. God had a plan for us to be ready to minister to this hurting people.

We humbly ask that you come help us build. You can help with finances, work on a work team, and help buy materials. Help us be a blessing to the youth and people of Haiti.

You can come and experience missions first hand. WE minister to the whole man, Spirit, Soul, and Body. We believe that we should first seek the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and then ALL that we have need of, will be added unto us.

Stay tuned for our complete list of the projects taking place in Haiti!

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